Thursday, October 6, 2011

Traveling Less & Zero Emissions Conferencing [DOCX]

Zero Emissions Conference Participation

Robert Monks makes a move toward remote participation in national & international conferences.


October 6, 2011

Portland, Maine


Corporate Governance expert and shareholder activist Robert AG Monks has made a recent commitment to travel less while continuing to participate in the world of governance and political debate.  He says, “With today’s technology I can still talk to people all over the world without leaving Maine.  It works out – I get to enjoy my life here, lessen my environmental impact and still keep up with governance issues.”

Monks is frequently asked to speak all over the world.  He recently returned from engagements in Paris and San Diego but also spoke remotely to conferences in Vancouver and The Netherlands, and spoke to a group in London today.  More and more I see remote or recorded speeches at these conferences.  The experience is quite good as a viewer and I’ve had excellent experiences as a speaker. ”

Robert Monks spoke today before the Sarasin & Partners Responsible Investment Conference in London.  Sarasin partnered with Cisco Systems for this event and is pleased to be using Cisco TelePresence which is designed to make remote participation feel as if you’re in the same room with the other speakers.  Speaking both individually and as part of a panel allowed Monks to experience the full range of remote technology.  It was virtually flawless,” he said.


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