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Corpocracy [PDF]
How the CEOs and the Business Roundtable Hijacked the World's Greatest Wealth Machine -- And How to Get it Back.  Download the entire book below. See video interview about the book.    Become a fan on Facebook!


Corpocracy [PDF]
Bob Monks talks about his book, Corpocracy.  University of Southern Maine, Portland, November 5, 2007.  (Transcript)

The Future of Corporate Governance [PPT]
Bob Monks PowerPoint presentation, "The Future of Corporate Governance."  Orlando, Florida October 19, 2007.

Taming the Giant Corporation
Bob Monks speech, "Institutional Shareholder Power Crippled by Conflicts of Interest" at "Taming the Giant Corporation: A National Conference on Corporate Accountability. Hosted by Ralph Nader and the Center for Study of Responsive Law. June 2007.   Robert Monks from CSRL on Vimeo.

Testimony of Robert A.G. Monks Before the Legal and Veterans Affairs Committee Of the Maine State Legislature [DOC]
This bill is designed to make it clear that although corporations are empowered to exercise the rights exercised by natural persons in the conduct of their business activities, they are not thereby vested with the political rights of natural persons. The bill intentionally eschews any prohibitory or regulatory language, preferring to focus on the nature of the corporation itself...


Corporate Climate Response slides [PPT]
Bob Monks slide presentation on corporate responsibility for climate change, October 2006.  See also:  written speech to accompany slides.

Corporate Climate Response [PDF]
Bob Monks speech on corporate responsibility for climate change.  October 2006.  See also:  slide presentation for same speech.

Universal Owner Conference [PDF]
Bob Monks speech at the Universal Owner Conference at The Center for the Study of Fiduciary Capitalism Issues, Saint Mary's College of California, April 2006. 

Seminar on Shareholder Activism [PPT]
Bob Monks presentation on shareholder activism at The Copenhagen Centre for Corporate Responsibility, Copenhagen Business School and Borsen.  March 2006. 

Role and Impact of Shareholder Activism on Achieving Good Governance [PPT]
Robert Monks speech at London Stock Exchange Corporate Governance Conference, 2004.


Testimony of Robert A.G. Monks Before the Joint Standing Judiciary Committee Of the Maine State Legislature [PDF]
The State of Maine has a unique opportunity to lead the entire nation out of its current decline away from democracy towards corporatism. The power of corporations is so entrenched in most of the states that a bill such as LD 1495 would never achieve serious consideration. Maine not only has a firm legislative tradition of Hearings on every bill, but Mainers are not in the thrall of the power of large corporations. In brief, we can do
the right thing and in doing it we can provide a single service to the nation...

Resolution submitted Exxon Annual Meeting 2005 [PDF]
2005 shareholder resolution submitted to Exxon Annual Meeting proposing an independent chairman.

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