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Letter to the Editor, Newsweek [PDF]
Letter to the editor of Newsweek in December 8, 1986 clarifying the way the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) operated.  Bob managed Department of Labor's pension plan under President Reagan in 1984.  For a brief history of FERSA, ERISA and public pension plans see chapter 2 of Corporate Governance by Robert AG Monks & Nell Minow.


A New Fiduciary Dilemma For Managers [PDF]
Bob Monks describes ERISA rules and the history of pension plans in a special section of Barrons, 1985.

Remarks before the Institutional Investor Annual Pension Conference [PDF]
As you know, yesterday I completed my tenure as Pension Administrator of teh Office of Pension and Benefit Welfare Programs at the U.S. Department of Labor.  In the past year, I have been consistently concernced with one central theme: that ERISA obligates fiduciaries to act responsibly, not only with respect to choosing investment prudently, but also with respect to taking action regarding corporate governance issues involving corporations whose securities they hold.  1985.

The Year of the Owners [PDF]
Bob Monks, addresses ownership and owner's ability to resist takeovers in this internal resource memo to ISS employees.  1985.


Lack Of Unity In Congress And Business Creates Crisis-To-Crisis Response To Employee Benefits [PDF]
Interview with Department of Labor's Robert Monks discussing employee benefit plans.  1984.

Interview With Pension Administrator Robert Monks [PDF]
Appointed by President Reagan as Pension Administrator in the Department of Labor, Bob Monks discusses ownership and control of pension assets.  June 1984. 

Interview With Pension Administrator Robert Monks [PDF]
Appointed at Pension Administrator in the U.S. Department of Labor by President Reagan in 1984, Bob Monks talks about his job as trustee of public employee benefits.  "You cannot ignore the sheer volumes accounted for by pension funds. They represent something like one quarter of aU the stock in the markets, and they account for a little higher proportion than that in new issues. Sometime before the end of this century, pension funds will pass 50 percent ownership of publicly traded American corporations.  That raises a number of interesting questions. For instance, how will pension funds exercise the authority of ownership?"

How Bob Monks Plans to Shake Up Pensionland [PDF]
More than any of his predecessors, Robert Monks the new ERISA administrator, has the political power and connections to get things done. Here's a look at how he intends to use them.  1984

The Invisible Hand: Remarks by Pensions Administrator Robert Monks [PDF]
Remarks by Pensions & Benefits Welfare Program Administrator Robert A.G. Monks on "Unshackling the Invisible Hand: The Liberation of ERISA Trustees" to the Buruea of National Affairs Converence on The basics of employee benefits.  February 1984.

Retirement Policy Needs Effective Private Sector Leadership -- Now [PDF]
Robert Monks discusses the future of employee retirement funds in the face of a huge national deficit.   Appointed by President Reagan as Pension Administrator in the Department of Labor.  1984.


Responsible ownership and the financial crisis
Bob Monks discusses responsible ownership in the light of the financial crisis. He proposes that multiple classes of stock would allow interested and responsible owners to exercise good governance. He also draws parallels between the lack invested ownership and the conflicts of interest that arise when there is no oversight of ceo's -- which he says is one cause of the current financial crisis. May 24, 2010.

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