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fiduciary duty

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fiduciary Duty

Bob Monks discusses the fiduciary obligation that banks owe to their customers. If this duty were enforced, he says, banks would have to solve their conflicts of interest by divesting themselves of holdings that were outside this obligation. May 8, 2010 | fiduciary duty , financial crisis , Wall Street , corporate governance , Financial Reform
Thursday, January 7, 2010

Corporate Governance, Fiduciary Duty and Social Responsibility

This paper will suggest that a more spacious view of inveterate and unchanging legal concepts – such as the law of trusts – provide a framework for the construction of ethical corporations. We will suggest that ethical corporate behavior is characterized by three principal norms. Health – concern for… January 7, 2010 | fiduciary duty , corporate governance , shareholder activism , capitalism
Monday, April 10, 2006

Universal Owner Conference

Bob Monks speech at the Universal Owner Conference at The Center for the Study of Fiduciary Capitalism Issues, Saint Mary's College of California, April 2006.  April 10, 2006 | fiduciary duty , capitalism , ownership , accountability
Friday, July 1, 1994

Tommorow's Corporation

What do U.S. share owners really want? What should be the roles of the different stakeholders such as employee owners and institutional investors? In what ways will ownership structures change? What tools will be available for motivating employees, managers, share owners, etc.? What will be the structure of tomorrow's… July 1, 1994 | globalization , institutional investors , accountability , Corporate Power , fiduciary duty
Wednesday, January 27, 1988

Fiduciary Language

An essay debating self-regulation of the institutional fund industry.  "Control over the private sector of the economy simply is too important to be delegated to institutional trustees as part of their commercial responsibility."   January 27, 1988 | fiduciary duty , institutional investors , self-regulation , accountability
Friday, November 20, 1987

Letter to William Greider regarding the Federal Reserve

Bob Monks letter to William Greider following regarding an article about the Federal Reserve in the New Yorker in 1987.  About this letter, Bob says, "This was the beginning of a fine relationship with Bill Grieder who continues to write trenchantly on these issues.  It is interesting that I… November 20, 1987 | self-regulation , fiduciary duty
Monday, June 10, 1985

A New Fiduciary Dilemma For Managers

Bob Monks describes ERISA rules and the history of pension plans in a special section of Barrons, 1985. June 10, 1985 | ERISA , Pension , fiduciary duty , institutional investors
Tuesday, January 1, 1985

The Year of the Owners

Bob Monks, addresses ownership and owner's ability to resist takeovers in this internal resource memo to ISS employees.  1985. January 1, 1985 | shareholder rights , corporate governance , fiduciary duty , ownership
Thursday, August 2, 1984

Lack Of Unity In Congress And Business Creates Crisis-To-Crisis Response To Employee Benefits

Interview with Department of Labor's Robert Monks discussing employee benefit plans.  1984. August 2, 1984 | Pension , fiduciary duty
Friday, June 1, 1984

Interview With Pension Administrator Robert Monks

Appointed by President Reagan as Pension Administrator in the Department of Labor, Bob Monks discusses ownership and control of pension assets.  June 1984.  June 1, 1984 | ERISA , institutional investors , fiduciary duty , Pension
Tuesday, May 1, 1984

Interview With Pension Administrator Robert Monks

Appointed at Pension Administrator in the U.S. Department of Labor by President Reagan in 1984, Bob Monks talks about his job as trustee of public employee benefits.  "You cannot ignore the sheer volumes accounted for by pension funds. They represent something like one quarter of aU the stock in… May 1, 1984 | Pension , ERISA , institutional investors , fiduciary duty
Monday, May 18, 2015

The Kabuki Theater of Corporate Governance

 “In theatre traditions of Asia such as the … Japanese Kabuki, the actor is the show. The stories are well known myths and historical epics, so everyone knows the plot. The audience is there to see the performer’s mastery of stylized movements, traditional vocal patterns and their otherworldly appearance in… May 18, 2015 | trustees , CEO power , shareholder rights , fiduciary duty , institutional investors , shareholder activism
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