Friday, May 8, 1992

Non-Performing Assets

In 1992 Bob Monks purchased a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to illuminate governance issues at Sears.  Reinforcing the idea that governance issues affect stock value, the ad proposed ways to reinvigorate Sears' sinking reputation and urged stock owners to vote for shareholder proposals. May 8, 1992 | corporate governance , Sears , shareholder activism
Monday, August 12, 1991

My Run for the Sears Board

Bob Monks wrote about running for a seat on the Sears board of directors in 1991.    "But Sears shrunk its board by eliminating three director seats, which meant that I needed 21 percent of the vote to win a seat -- virtually impossible to obtain. because 25 percent… August 12, 1991 | shareholder rights , Sears , independent directors
Friday, March 1, 1991

Bob Monks to Run for Seat on Sears Board

Press release announcing Bob Monks intention to run for a seat on the Sears Board of Directors in March 1991.  It also quotes Sears CEO Edward A. Brennan regarding Sears' intent to keep Monks off the board, "after meeting with Mr. Monks we are convinced that his personal agenda… March 1, 1991 | Sears , shareholder rights , independent directors
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