Monday, March 14, 2011

The Appearance of Reality

As I write these days I keep coming back to the framework of corporate governance and some of the key concepts that now seem misleading to me. I don’t mean just the failures in regard to the financial crisis or the loss of traction in Dodd-Frank. I think we’re very far removed from what we thought we had in governance and it’s time to reassess. 

I’m struck with confusion on many of the core elements and before I can go forward I wanted to raise these anomalies in hopes that you will help me work through them.  But before you think that this is a gloom and doom post please know that I’m trying to figure out what is working in governance and what needs to be rethought or revitalized.

So this is what I’m planning: I’m going to put out a series of brief posts on some of the key terms and tenets of governance – elections, voting, and independence. Do these ideas – these words – mean what we think them to mean when we apply them to governance? And, I’ll be posting questions about each of those ideas in hopes that you can help me clear up my confusion or illuminate the way forward. 

What is the importance of our continuing to function with a system whose basic structure is dramatically different from common understanding? Do you think we need to contemplate changes?  If so, where should we begin? 

And I hope you’ll send me your suggestions for governance concepts that you think are misleading.

More soon…
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