Friday, January 21, 2011

One Year Later: The Long Shadow of Citizens United

An anniversary
Here we are one year out from the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United.  There are events marking the anniversary all over the country (see here) and C-SPAN is covering the event in Washington DC.  Is there a difference between political donations from people who have lots of money and corporations with unlimited amounts of money?  Bob thinks so and recently commented on the issue in this new video.  Watch here.

Don't forget, Bob and Peter Murray wrote this very, very interesting essay, "Chief Justice Roberts: Judicial Activist for Corporate Power,"  in August of 2009 just before the Supreme Court reconsidered the case.  It's worth another read because the case not only led to more corporate money in American politics but also marks a this Court as a blantantly political one.

Bob has frequently spoken about the case over the past year and we have a lot of it on video.  You can always find those videos on this blog or at YouTube (search for BobMonks) but here are a couple of older clips worth seeing again:

Corporate Domination of Government from July 2010


Citizens United and Corporate Governance from April 2010

Political Center
What is "the center?"  There have been lots of news reports lately about President Obama moving toward the center and becoming more business-friendly.  Bob took up this question and discussed just what it means to "move to the center."  What does it mean for business?  Watch here

And here are some of the news items Bob has been reading on the topic:

WSJ: Just Don't Call it "Triangulation"

NYT: To Win Re-Election, Obama Needs Political Center

New York Daily News:  Obama Swings to Center with Pick of Pro-Business Chicagoan Bill Daley to Run White House

From our friends
Alexandra Lajoux posted an excellent commentary on the NACD blog recently about corporate responsibility.  Bob responded on the blog, saying, "Well said, Alex.  Indeed, this is what must happen if we are to avoid a wasteful and disastrous confrontation between business and the public good."  "Corporate Social Responsibility:  What Is Wrong With This Picture" is also a good introduction to Corporate Valuation for Portfolio Investment which Alex and Bob published last year.  If you haven't had a chance to look at the book you can view the table of contents and a short excerpt here.

New in 2011
Look for a brand new website coming soon!  We're hoping to unveil the new site in February -- fingers crossed.  It'll feature a great archives section of Bob's older work along with video, the blog and new work from Bob.  There will be a comments function and we hope that you'll participate by sending your thoughts and responses to what we post.  Stay tuned...

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