Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Citizens DisUnited: Review by Jeff Clements

Jeff Clements has been working on issues around the Citizens United case since the Supreme Court re-heard the case in 2009.  At the time he submitted an Amicus brief to the Court arguing against expanding corporate rights.  Since then he has co-founded Free Speech for People and most recently has written Corporations Are Not People.  If you're reading this blog and not following his work -- well, I just can't account for it. 

I often say, that because I have spent my life working on issue of corporate governance, that is where I find solutions to the problems like Citizens United.  But that is not to say governance is the only solution.  Efforts like Clements work in bringing about a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United are crucial.  And, I think that we need all hands on deck working toward multiple solutions.  So, I'm very pleased that he paused to read and review my book -- and shared it with his readers.

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