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While the precise term, "Government Capture," may not yet seem familiar, its signs and symptoms most certainly will, and many aspects of capture, or the corporate control of government, have filled our news for years, stimulated hundreds of serious studies by some of the worlds most important and influential researchers, and inspired dozens of books, documentary films and websites. 

The Wikipedia covers certain aspects of the subject under the heading, "Regulatory Capture", and includes a detailed discussion of the very thorough and effective capture of over a dozen different US and other governmental regulatory agencies.

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Who Rules America?
One of the most venerable sources we know for exploring and understanding not only the underlying socio-political mechanism that make culture possible, but also for the naming of names, both historically and today. Who Rules America? is the brainchild of Professor G. William Domhoff, of the Sociology Department of the University of California at Santa Cruz, and author of the book by the same name.

Open Secrets
The best source by far for all the latest detail facts and figures on politics, money and influence in America. 

Open Secrets with a twist, and often even more accessible. 

US Chamber Watch
"The mission of U.S. Chamber Watch is to promote greater transparency and accountability in American political processes by shedding light on the funding and practices of the largest private interest lobbyist in America, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce." Exactly.

Treasure Islands
Another incredibly helpful site, created and maintained by the author, Nickolas Shaxson, of the book by the very same name, Treasure Islands is the thinking American's guide to modern day piracy, aka "offshore finance".

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