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Financial Group Regognizes Finance as a Global Commons
Financial experts, warning of future crises, call for re-affirming finance as a global commons, first recognized at Bretton Woods in 1945.  The group pledged to continue their own efforts to modernize capital markets to serve human societies as one of the tools to manage the global commons, using the new accounting standards and national accounting beyond “efficient market” and “rational actor” models, now outdated by findings in brain and neurosciences.
 Sep 13, 2010

Voters locked up pension 'cookie jar;' now jar needs more money
Maine State Employee Pension poses budget problems for the State of Maine.
 Sep 9, 2010 in Sun Journal

Bob Monks and the Battle to Change Corporate America
Bob Monks believes new corporate governance reforms fall short, but digital tools can help advance accountability goals.
 Sep 3, 2010 in The Murninghan Post

Maine Attorneys Worry U.S. Supreme Court Is Preparing To Legalize Corporate Political Contributions
MPBN Morning Edition Host Irwin Gratz talks with corporate governance activist Bob Monks and Portland attorney and Husson College Law Professor Peter Murray. 
 Aug 29, 2009 in Maine Public Radio

Inside ExxonMobil
Bob Monks interviewed on CNBC before the 2009 ExxonMobil Annual meeting -- the meeting he claims will be his last annual meeting.
 May 27, 2009 in CNBC.com

Exxon Shareholder Showdown
Bob Monks interviewed on CBNC just hours before the 2008 ExxonMobil Annual Meeting.  His proposal to split the CEO and Board Chairman positions didn't pass but got nearly 40% of the votes.  
 May 28, 2008 in CNBC.com

Can CEOs be held accountable?  Robert Monks says no and that it must change.  Video interview about his new book Corpocracy, 2008.   Or, read the entire book here.
 Jan 31, 2008

NECN.com - Can CEO's be held accountable?  In his new book ,"Corpocracy," Robert A.G. Monks says no...
 Jan 13, 2008

An Activist Shareholder Takes On The World
New York Times -- ROBERT A. G. MONKS, money manager and shareholder rights proponent, has long been a sort of Lone Ranger of American investing, charging in to exhort companies to change their ways in the name of helping shareholders...
 Mar 21, 1999

The Credible Monitor [PDF]
Bob Monks, Scourge of second rate management in US Companies, talks to Janet Dignan about the Direction of the Corporate Governance debate in the US, and about his idea for a way aof representing shareholder interests on company boards.  Institutional Investor, April 1992.
 Apr 1, 1992

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