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Unequal Wealth
From Thom Hartmann's serialized book Unequal Protection: How corporations became people - and how you can fight back.
 Sep 27, 2011

Monks’ ICGN Call to Action
In his characteristically inspiring, eloquent, yet demanding way, Bob Monks stirred the emotions of ICGN annual conference attendees in Paris last week. Delivering a powerful “call to action” to the crowd of corporate governance advocates, Monks brought the audience to its feet...
 Sep 19, 2011

Governance Guru Blames Investors for Crisis
Unacceptably large losses incurred during the financial crisis show that shareholders need to exert their ownership over corporations more assertively, according to corporate governance guru Robert Monks, who spoke at the International Corporate Governance Conference in Paris on Tuesday.
 Sep 13, 2011

Bob Monks calls on ICGN to set up ‘muscular’ shareholder activism body
Future of democratic capitalism under threat, says governance guru.  From Responsible Investor.
 Sep 12, 2011

Still Watching the Watchers
Corporate governance has long been Monks' abiding preoccupation. As former head of pension programs in the Department of Labor under President Reagan, Monks, observes John Coffee Jr., Columbia University's Adolf A. Berle Professor of Law, led the establishment of the legal duty of pension funds to vote their shares in proxies under the Employees Retirement Income Security Act of 1974. In 1985 he co-founded Institutional Shareholders Services Inc., now RiskMetrics Group Inc., arguably the most influential proxy advisory firm globally. Monks, says Coffee, "pushed the envelope for 30 years," winning him admirers and detractors alike.
 Sep 2, 2011

Apple's board set for bigger role under new regime
What does Steve Job's departure mean for corporate governance at Apple?
 Aug 26, 2011

Trust Across America Interview
Bob Monks talks with Jordan Kimmel about corporate governance.  Trust Across America on VOA (online audio).
 Jul 27, 2011

Bob Monks makes additional investment in Trucost
Bob Monks, the pioneering shareholder activist, has made a further investment in UK-based environmental research firm Trucost Plc.
 Jul 5, 2011

Investor 'Say on Pay' Is a Bust
Shareholder votes rejected executive pay at less than 2 percent of public companies this year... "Say-on-pay is at best a diversion and at worst a deception," says Robert A.G. Monks.
 Jun 16, 2011

Modern corporate monsters
No wild-eyed radical, Robert Monks is a corporate lawyer with a long and distinguished career, first serving various corporate interests, then acting to protect pension holders as an executive of ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), the government agency that insures large employee pension plans. And most recently he founded ISS, which advises large institutional investors.
 Jun 9, 2011

Activist Investors Object to ExxonMobil's Pay Practices
The American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees and RAM Trust are urging investors to vote against the pay practices of ExxonMobil at the oil giant’s May 25 meeting.
 May 9, 2011

AFSCME and RAM Trust Urge Exxon Mobil Shareholders to Rein in CEO Pay, Implement Governance Improvements on May 25
Exxon's pay practices have resulted in excessive pay with subjective and inconsistent links to performance.  Rather than explain how peer group pay is used to establish compensation, XOM instead offers that the Compensation Committee uses its "well-informed judgment."
 May 9, 2011

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