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Corporate Diversity Initiatives: Risk and Reward for Investors
Forbes.com - Earlier today I read an interesting blog (3D blog post 12/1/11) by corporate governance expert Bob Monks which argued that at the board level, more important than diversity itself, is the promotion of a boardroom culture of curiosity and question asking.
 Dec 2, 2011

Capitalism Without Owners Has Failed: Where Is True Growth Going to Come From?
EconoMonitor -- Four years into the most serious structural crisis of modern history and it is apparent that there are a number of flaws in both the current national and global economic system that need to be addressed if a number of countries are to resume stable and meaningful economic growth.
 Nov 7, 2011

Robert Monks: Acionista Ativista Em Governaca
An exclusive "cover-interview" with Bob Monks, by Bill Mahoney, on October, 2011 issue of Revista RI, a major Brazilian financial and investor relations magazine.
 Oct 20, 2011

Murdoch's Accountability Moment
The Nation -- Katrina Van Den Heuvel writes that at the heart of the NewsCorp scandal is, "corrupt corporate governance."  Bob Monks mentioned.
 Oct 19, 2011

To avoid a sting, Democrats need to heed OWS
Letter to the Editor response to Bob Monks' "Occupy Wall Street Protests and the Decline of the West,"  in the Washinton Post.
 Oct 18, 2011

ISS on active ownership
Absent active ownership has been harmful to the investment industry, according to Robert Monks, founder of Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS) and former administrator of the US Office of Pension and Welfare Benefit Programs.
 Oct 12, 2011

Big-shot intellectuals lend (yet more) weight to Occupy Wall Street
Daily Maverick -- Much to the chagrin of politicians on both sides of the political spectrum, the campaign to Occupy Wall Street is gaining momentum by the day.
 Oct 12, 2011

What do Wall Street protests mean for India?
What does the intensifying Occupy Wall Street protest mean for India? As the agitation, which claims to speak for 99 per cent Americans, spreads to many cities across the United States of America it is evoking a range of responses here -- from admiration to scorn....
 Oct 11, 2011

Occupy Wall Street protests and ‘The Decline of the West’
This movement profoundly threatens the legitimacy of the system on which corporate power is based, and boards of directors should be concerned....  By Bob Monks for the Washington Post
 Oct 10, 2011

A way through difficulties with activism
Financial Times - In the absence of global institutions, laws and regulations, the only effective enforcer of corporate governance standards in a world of global capital flows is ownership. So says Robert Monks, who with Nell Minnow inspired the concept of “universal owners”...
 Oct 9, 2011

Traveling Less & Zero Emissions Conferencing
Corporate Governance expert and shareholder activist Robert AG Monks has made a recent commitment to travel less while continuing to participate in the world of governance and political debate.
 Oct 6, 2011

Three Documentaries that Helped Fuel 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement
According to them, judges signed away rights of people and gave them to corporations. It is this decision that has greatly influenced their power in the U.S....
 Oct 3, 2011

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