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RI Interview: Bob Monks. The Shareholder Spring will be a charade unless the great and good step up
Responsible Investor - Active shareholders will be dismissed until society’s major institutions back them fully...
 Dec 20, 2012

2013: A year of investor class warfare?
Fortune - This year marked several wins for companies that want to shield themselves from shareholders. Pension funds and others are now gearing up for a fight for investor rights.
 Dec 6, 2012

Bob Monks: Son of a Preacher man, scourge of the 'corpocracy'
The Independent - Bob Monks, the original investor activist, still wants to bring change...
 Nov 6, 2012

Seasoned campaigner keeps boards on their toes
Financial Times - Shareholders may be finding a voice on issues such as excessive pay and board composition but Bob Monks, a shareholder activist and corporate governance adviser, believes this year’s much-heralded “shareholder spring” has been disappointing, particularly in the US.
 Oct 28, 2012

It’s plain for all to see, ESG research works
Financial Times - The evidence is clear that corporate governance and other “extra-financial” research can help to improve the performance of investment portfolios. That may sound like a bold statement, but to people steeped in this research, this is old news extensively chronicled in the growing literature on this subject.
 Oct 21, 2012

No “shareholder spring” until influential investors like Gates and Harvard engage
Responsible Investor - Pension funds, index funds and prominent investment foundations need to step up shareholder oversight says corporate governance expert.
 Oct 8, 2012

‘Regulators are wrong’ over proxy advisers
Financial Times - Regulators are going after the wrong people in cracking down on the outsourcing of shareholder voting decisions to proxy advisers, according to Bob Monks, a shareholder activist and corporate governance adviser.
 Oct 7, 2012

In the Boardroom: US lags behind UK on reform
Reuters - Lucy Marcus talks to shareholder activist & corporate governance guru Bob Monks on reform, advice for the next generation of directors & what to do when you find yourself at the centre of a scandal.
 Oct 2, 2012

Skip the lip service- Demand authentic social responsibility from business
Bangor Daily News - Maine happens to be home to global leaders in Corporate Governance...
 Sep 25, 2012

Call for law to enforce shareholder engagement
Financial Times - The long arm of the law should be used to force shareholders to exercise their corporate governance responsibilities, according to Bob Monks, a shareholder activist and corporate governance adviser.
 Sep 23, 2012

Has News Corps board restored confidence
Business 2 Community - How is it that a global media company can withstand a phone-hacking scandal that led to 43 employees being arrested, the loss of several top executives due to firings or resignations, and the shameful closing of a profitable 168-year old publication, the News of the World, without going under?
 Jul 9, 2012

Facebook shareholders are wedded to the whims of Mark Zuckerberg
Los Angeles Times - Because of Facebook's two-class stock structure, the social networking giant's founder and CEO can do whatever he wants with the company, no matter what other shareholders may vote.
 May 20, 2012

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