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Book Review: 'Citizens DisUnited' by Robert A.G. Monks
Seattle Post-Intelligencer - Everyone has different ideas about which cases are the most monumental, the most important, the most influential in terms of the Supreme Court....
 Jul 21, 2013

Robert A.G. Monks, Crusading Against Corporate Excess
New York Times -- At age 79, many people who can afford to do so are done working. Not Robert A. G. Monks. He is still hard at work, trying to change corporate America...
 Jul 6, 2013

Guide for trustees tackles lack of accountability
Business Report -- It is unlikely that any of the executive directors of the listed construction companies involved in the Competition Commission’s collusive tendering case will be required to repay any of the remuneration awarded to them...
 Jul 2, 2013

CEO, worker pay gap continues to widen
Seattle Times -- In 2012, the average CEO made 354 times more than the average worker. In 1982, this ratio was 42 to 1, according to the AFL-CIO.
 Jun 22, 2013

Manager Kings, Ownerless Companies
Reuters TV -- Longtime shareholder activist Robert A.G. Monks explains why companies are better off when they have engaged owners. Monks discusses his book “Citizens DisUnited” with Breakingviews Editor Rob Cox...
 Jun 12, 2013

Society's Decay Rewards Wrongdoers
Ralph Nader/Huffington Post blog -- It's much better to predict good news. But as it now stands in our country, many problems that emerged years ago have developed into sheer catastrophes, despite the many warnings of forward-thinking experts, scholars and observers...
 Jun 11, 2013

Maine Author: Rise in Corporate Power Threatens American Democracy
Maine Public Radio -- Bob Monks has been trying for years to get shareholders more deeply involved in running the corporations they own. But Monks, a businessman and former government official from Cape Elizabeth, admits the effort has failed. Monks explores why in his new book, Citizens DisUnited...
 Jun 3, 2013

Robert Monks: It’s broke, let’s fix it
Listed Magazine - In The Director’s Chair with David W. Anderson: Shareholder activist and avowed capitalist Robert Monks doesn’t have it in for senior corporate managers—just the system that gives them all the power and too much pay...
 Jun 1, 2013

Reining in the Corporation
Huffington Post blog -- It's a sad state when such outright corporate hypocrisy becomes standard fare...
 May 31, 2013

Time for investors to step up and bring corporate drones to account
Financial News -- In a new book, Citizens DisUnited, Robert Monks argues chief executives in the US have become dangerously powerful, now corporate voting control has spread across an increasingly broad range of disinterested investors.
 May 27, 2013

The C.E.O. Triumphant (at Least at Apple and Chase)
New York Times -- Last week at JPMorgan shareholders voted against splitting the jobs of chairman and chief executive officer, both held by Jamie Dimon...
 May 25, 2013

A Diverse Board Is an Independent Board
Harvard Business Review -- Good corporate governance is about many things — boards that act independently, robust shareholder rights, accurate accounting, reasonable and fair executive compensation, and so on. No single parameter defines good governance.
 May 24, 2013

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