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Measuring JPMorgan's folly: What did Jamie Dimon really earn?
Fortune - This isn't the first time JPMorgan's board has kowtowed to Jamie Dimon's wishes. But it could be the last, if the board changes its tune...
 Jan 27, 2014

Ralph Nader Adds Shareholder Activist to His Portfolio
Wall Street Journal - Ralph Nader, the longtime consumer advocate, is opening a new front in his corporate-reform crusade...
 Jan 15, 2014

B-D Fiduciary Role Bad For Advisors, Attorney Says
Financial Advisor - Financial advisors will lose if broker-dealers are also given a fiduciary duty because it will take away one of their chief competitive advantages, prominent investment industry attorney Robert Plaze told a meeting of the Institute for the Fiduciary Standard yesterday...
 Dec 11, 2013

Twitter's New Owners: Big Institutions
Newsweek - While Twitter’s successful IPO stole all the headlines, a continuing trend in the stock market has gotten little attention: the vanishing small investor...
 Nov 11, 2013

Corporate governance a tough sell
Financial News - Earlier this year, US corporate governance campaigner Bob Monks warned corporate greed remains a big, if not growing, problem.
 Nov 1, 2013

Economy-class activist investor crashes the corporate party
Reuters - Shareholder activists come in different flavors. One is the deep-pocketed investor, such as Carl Icahn or Dan Loeb, who takes big stakes in companies and forces management to change strategy. Another type is the persistent provocateur who buys a handful of shares and agitates on a shoestring. That's John Chevedden.
 Oct 23, 2013

Bill Green talks with Bob Monks
WCSH - Bob Monks was a pleasure to interview. I learned a lot about him even though we were probably introduced when I was a young studio cameraman in 1972. Bob has a deeper connection than most people realize. I found him a true intellectual with a sense of decency and fair play. His advocacy on behalf of shareholders is laudable. I found him a fascinating guy...
 Sep 14, 2013

Marc Reston Highlights the Efforts of Roberts Monks and Corporate Law's Changing Environment
Press Release - Attorney Marc Reston responds to the accomplishments of Robert A. G. Monks and his work to encourage greater shareholder involvement among corporations...
 Sep 14, 2013

In “Drone Corporations,” Self-Interest Prevails
Strategy + Business - Robert A.G. Monks sets the tone right off the bat by recalling the time he stood up at an ExxonMobil annual meeting and addressed CEO Lee Raymond as “emperor.” ...
 Aug 14, 2013

Monks takes on greedy CEOs, neglectful investors in new book
Pensions & Investments - Robert A.G. Monks — the pioneering shareholder activist and corporate governance adviser — delivers a ruthless critique of capitalism in his new book, assailing CEO greed and institutional investor neglect...
 Jul 25, 2013

Rule by Drone
Big Think - In his book, Citizens DisUnited: Passive Investors, Drone CEOs and the Capture of the American Dream, Robert A.G. Monks defines the "ownerless entities" that are many of today's corporations to military drones...
 Jul 24, 2013

The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard Awards Its First “Oscar”
Columbia Law School blog - The Institute for the Fiduciary Standard, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of fiduciary principles, has awarded its first ever Tamar Frankel Fiduciary Prize to Robert A.G. Monks, the corporate governance activist and scholar...
 Jul 23, 2013

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