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Adding Value through Corporate Governance
In this podcast, Robert Monks discusses corporate governance and the role of owners, the government as owner, and the role of reform through presidential decree.  (Podcast is at CFA site and requires login).  May 17, 2010.

Fiduciary Duty
Bob Monks discusses the fiduciary obligation that banks owe to their customers. If this duty were enforced, he says, banks would have to solve their conflicts of interest by divesting themselves of holdings that were outside this obligation.

Citizens United and Corporate Governance
Bob Monks discusses the relationship between the Citizens United decision and corporate governance

Does Citizens United Preempt State Law?
Bob Monks addresses the Citizens United v. FEC and suggests that the federal ruling preempts state corporation law.

Citizens United is Changing the Country
In this video blog post, Bob Monks discusses the difference between human and corporate behavior.

"America is a country for flesh and blood human beings with comparable life spans, comparable emotional systems, comparable needs and aspirations in contrast to the energy of a corporation which is, necessarily, limited to profit maximization within the law. And this changes the nature of the country. And it changes the nature of the country for the worse."


Unintended Consequences
Bob Monks discusses the unintended consequences to the U.S. Government response to the financial crisis. Are we going to live with vast unemployment and superbanks?

Ownerless Capitalism
Bob Monks talks about the results of the financial crisis -- 2009 in retrospect.  "The Shareholders are powerless..."

Power Corrupts
Bob Monks discusses the failure of corporations to self-regulate and how that contributed to the economic collapse.

End of Capitalism
Bob Monks talks about the end of capitalism as we know it.

Who is Responsible?
Robert Monks discusses the economic crisis, responsibility and his letter to Goldman Sach's Lloyd Blankfein.

A Revolution is Taking Place in America
Is Free Market Capitalism Over? Robert AG Monks discusses the economic crisis.


Responsible ownership and the financial crisis
Bob Monks discusses responsible ownership in the light of the financial crisis. He proposes that multiple classes of stock would allow interested and responsible owners to exercise good governance. He also draws parallels between the lack invested ownership and the conflicts of interest that arise when there is no oversight of ceo's -- which he says is one cause of the current financial crisis. May 24, 2010.

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