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Robert Monks discusses Director Liability
Bob Monks talks about director liability -- one of the "polite lies of corporate governance." June 16, 2011.

Important Failure
Is there a moment in your corporate governance career that you consider a real success? Bob Monks talks about running for the board of Sears.  May 5, 2011.

Corporate Governance "aha moment"
Was there a trigger moment that brought you to corporate governance? Bob Monks discusses the event that led him to shareholder activism. May 5, 2011.

Breakdown of Democratic Capitalism
Question: what factors are behind the breakdown of democratic capitalism? Bob Monks responds "Since Citizens United, CEOs have, in effect, control over the rules pursuant to which the corporation is supposed to function." April 27, 2011

Ownership is Broken
Democratic capitalism and corporate governance only work if owners (shareholders) are involved. Bob Monks discusses the factors that inhibit responsible corporate ownership, April 27, 2011.

ERISA activism
ERISA was signed into law in the 1970's. Why has there never been any activism on behalf of ERISA beneficiaries? A major breach of fiduciary duty by pension plan managers. Bob Monks, April 27, 2011

Bob Monks recounts a discussion on sustainability from the INET Conference (Bretton Woods Revisited, April 2011). 

Enforcing Regulation
Bob Monks discusses enforcement of corporate regulation and prevention of corporate crime. April 13, 2011 NOTE: He refers to the INET conference (Bretton Woods Revisited) held in early April 2011.

Bretton Woods Revisited: INET Conference 2011
Bob Monks talks about Bretton Woods Revisited, a conference hosted by the Institute for New Economic Thinking in April 2011. The primary focus was looking for ways to change the field of Economics.

Budget Cuts & Corporate Governance
How will deep budget cuts at the federal level affect Corporate Governance? Bob Monks comments on a question posed by Nell Minow, April 13, 2011.

Economic Disenfranchisement
Is growing corporate power related to middle class disenfranchisement? Robert Monks January 11, 2011

Political Center
Bob Monks discusses to reports that President Obama is moving to the political center & what that means for business.

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