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An ugly sign of the times...
The persistent efforts urging the SEC to regulate proxy advisory businesses is an ugly sign of the times... it's advice that is the purchaser is under no obligation to follow and yet there is determined efforts to undermine the industry.  June 15, 2012.  see also this post at governmentcapture.com. 

PACs are destructive
PACs are a destructive element and we must have public financing of elections. 


Judge Rakoff Rejects the SEC Deal with Citigroup
Robert Monks talks about Judge Rakoff's rejection of the SEC & Citigroup settlement, December 1, 2011.

Debt as a function of government capture
The U.S. national debt is a symptom of government capture and corporate power.  November 10, 2011.

What is Capture?
Bob Monks discusses corporate capture of the government and its impact on the US financial crisis and economic recovery.  October 28, 2011

Bob Monks speech for UNPRI 2011
Robert Monks practice reading of speech for UNPRI, September 2011.  See the text for this speech here.

Robert Monks speech, GMI Public Funds Forum 2011
Practice read-through of 2011 speech for GMI's Public Funds Forum.  See the text of the speech here.

Activist Investors
Institutional investors must become activist owners if democratic capitalism is to survive.  Robert Monks reads from his September 2011 ICGN keynote speech.  The full text of the speech is available here.

The Call 2011 - Intro
Robert Monks issues a call to fund mangers to be responsible and active owners.  Introduction to L'Appell -- ICGN keynote speech September 2011.  This is a practice reading and not the actual speech. Read the text of the full speech here.

The Need for Global Corporate Laws
Corporate domicile laws and national regulation are inadequate to deal with multinational corporations.  Countries need to cooperatively create specific global laws to address them. July 26, 2011. archives.ragm.com

DC Circuit Court decision preserves CEO power
Regarding the DC Circuit Court on SEC Proxy rules:  a legal system that preserves the hegemony of the CEOs.  What does a board do that would be impossible to do with an outside director there?  July 26, 2011.

SEC Proxy Rules Decision
Bob discusses the DC Circuit Court decision regarding the SEC proxy rules in Dodd-Frank.  The ruling  "tells you more about the Court than it does the issue or the SEC."   July 26, 2011.

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