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Resolution submitted Exxon Annual Meeting 2004 [PDF]
2004 shareholder resolution to ExxonMobil proposing an independent chairman. 


To Harvard With Love [PDF]
Letter from Bob Monks to Lawrence (Larry) Summers, then President of Harvard, October 2, 2003.  Bob points out that Harvard is not acting as an involved and responsible shareholder despite being a leader in corporate governance education.


SEC response to shareholder resolution proposing that Exxon separate the CEO and chairman 2002 [PDF]
SEC refusal to support the shareholder resolution proposing that Exxon separate the CEO and Chairman 2002.

Capitalism Without Owners Will Fail [PDF]
A policymakers guide to reform by Bob Monks and Allen Sykes, 2002.  Addressing the systemic problem of ownerless capitalism and what must be done to correct it.

Resolution submitted Exxon Annual Meeting 2002 [PDF]
2002 shareholder resolution calling for Exxon to separate the positions of CEO and Board Chairman. 


Emperor's Nightingale Readers Guide [JPG]
A reader's map to the book, Emperor's Nightgale by Robert Monks, 1998.

The Emperor's Nightingale [PDF]
The modern corporation is poised for change through increased activism from shareholders. This book explores the origins, dynamics, and significance of this change using the languages of poetry, science, and governance.

Prepare for an adventure!


Tommorow's Corporation [PDF]
What do U.S. share owners really want? What should be the roles of the different stakeholders such as employee owners and institutional investors? In what ways will ownership structures change? What tools will be available for motivating employees, managers, share owners, etc.? What will be the structure of tomorrow's corporation?   Bob Monks discusses the future of corporations, including issues of globaliazation and institutional ownership.  1994


Non-Performing Assets [PDF]
In 1992 Bob Monks purchased a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to illuminate governance issues at Sears.  Reinforcing the idea that governance issues affect stock value, the ad proposed ways to reinvigorate Sears' sinking reputation and urged stock owners to vote for shareholder proposals.

Exxon proposal: Resolution & Letter to Shareholders
In 1992, Robert Monks sent a letter to Exxon shareholders about his shareholder resolution to establish a 3-person panel of shareholder representatives to the board. These representatives would be selected by shareholders, and the cost would be borne by the company -- hence proportionately by all shareholders. 1992 Letter to Exxon Shareholders (pdf) 1992 Shareholder Resolution to Exxon (pdf)

1992 Exxon Shareholder Resolution
In 1992, Bob Monks submitted a shareholder resolution for the Exxon annual meeting to establish a shareholder committee to give owners more say and control in decision-making at the company. 1992 Shareholder Resolution to Exxon (pdf)

Monks Letter to Exxon Shareholders
In 1992, Bob Monks wrote to his fellow Exxon shareholders about his resoultion to form a committee of shareholders that would contribute to management and board oversight at the company. Read the 1992 Letter to Exxon Shareholders (pdf)

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