Additional Resources relating to Citizens DisUnited

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Chief Justice Roberts: Judicial Activist for Corporate Power: Bob Monks and Peter Murray's essay about the Supreme Court choosing to re-hear the Citizens United v. F.E.C. court case and granting corporations expanded rights to contribute to political campaigns.  Often portrayed as a free speech  or First Amendment case, this case opened the way for increased corporation influence in politics and marked the Roberts Court as a major actor in increasing corporate power. 

Corporate Power & Government Capture: Failure of Corporate Governance has led to government capture.  For the past thirty years I have focused my energies on corporate governance and the legitimacy of corporate power... By Bob Monks.

Funds Aren’t Wielding Much Power Over Executive Pay: The stock market swings up and down, yet executive pay seems to go only higher. Rising executive compensation has been something of a constant in modern capitalism...(NYT, 1/12/13)

How Can you Measure Value: From the 2012 Aspen Ideas Festival panel: Has Maximizing Value Endangered America’s Great Companies? with Thomas Donaldson, Shelly Lazarus, Howard Schultz and Lynn A. Stout with moderator Gillian Tett.

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