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shareholder rights

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The New Global Investors: How Shareowners can Unlock Sustainable Prosperity Worldwide

From society’s perspective, the splitting of the corporate atom has engendered grievous loss. Enterprise was allowed to grow based on a self-regulating relationship to society and the environment – Adam Smith’s “invisible hand.” The melting away of shareholder responsibility with the proliferation of numerous owners has left society the… September 1, 2010 | globalization , accountability , corporate governance , shareholder activism , shareholder rights , ownership , multinational corporations
Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Return of the Shareholder

Bob Monks' on responsible ownership and corporate governance, 2009.  "Less than two decades after Francis Fukuyama famously enshrined market-based liberal democracy as an optimal system at ―the "end of history," Barack Obama used his inaugural address to warn the nation that, "without a watchful eye, the market can spin… February 24, 2009 | accountability , shareholder rights , responsible ownership , corporate governance , shareholder activism , ownership
Monday, August 12, 1991

My Run for the Sears Board

Bob Monks wrote about running for a seat on the Sears board of directors in 1991.    "But Sears shrunk its board by eliminating three director seats, which meant that I needed 21 percent of the vote to win a seat -- virtually impossible to obtain. because 25 percent… August 12, 1991 | shareholder rights , Sears , independent directors
Friday, March 1, 1991

Bob Monks to Run for Seat on Sears Board

Press release announcing Bob Monks intention to run for a seat on the Sears Board of Directors in March 1991.  It also quotes Sears CEO Edward A. Brennan regarding Sears' intent to keep Monks off the board, "after meeting with Mr. Monks we are convinced that his personal agenda… March 1, 1991 | Sears , shareholder rights , independent directors
Tuesday, January 15, 1991

Comments on the AT&T/NCR Proxy Contest

Bob Monks comments on the hostile takeover bid of NCR by AT&T in 1991.   January 15, 1991 | shareholder rights , proxy
Monday, January 1, 1990

Do Today's Powerful Institutional Investors Belong in the Board Room?

Bob Monks discusses the role of managment and shareholders in corporations:   "Why can't U.S. corporate managment do the job alone? Because American chief cxecutives are increasingly accountable only to themselves. Contrary to the conventional wisdom that shareholders have ultimate authority, CEOs frequently get involved in choosing (or approving… January 1, 1990 | ownership , shareholder activism , corporate governance , shareholder rights , responsible ownership
Tuesday, January 1, 1985

The Year of the Owners

Bob Monks, addresses ownership and owner's ability to resist takeovers in this internal resource memo to ISS employees.  1985. January 1, 1985 | shareholder rights , corporate governance , fiduciary duty , ownership
Thursday, February 23, 1984

The Invisible Hand: Remarks by Pensions Administrator Robert Monks

Remarks by Pensions & Benefits Welfare Program Administrator Robert A.G. Monks on "Unshackling the Invisible Hand: The Liberation of ERISA Trustees" to the Buruea of National Affairs Converence on The basics of employee benefits.  February 1984. February 23, 1984 | Pension , ERISA , shareholder rights
Monday, May 18, 2015

The Kabuki Theater of Corporate Governance

 “In theatre traditions of Asia such as the … Japanese Kabuki, the actor is the show. The stories are well known myths and historical epics, so everyone knows the plot. The audience is there to see the performer’s mastery of stylized movements, traditional vocal patterns and their otherworldly appearance in… May 18, 2015 | trustees , CEO power , shareholder rights , fiduciary duty , institutional investors , shareholder activism
Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who picks up the tab when a corporation is fined?

I can’t think of anybody who was satisfied with the way in which the consequences of the financial crisis of 2008 have been handled. There have been some indictments but always against very minor figures, and no prosecutions have been directed toward the major players in any of the large… October 10, 2013 | accountability , fiduciary duty , CEO Pay , financial crisis , Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission , BP , shareholder rights
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