Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Financial Reform

"I think the financial reform bill is tragic from the point of view of corporate governance." Bob Monks discusses the failures of the financial reform bill." June 16, 2010 | self-regulation , Dodd-Frank , Financial Reform , corporate governance , Corporate Power
Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Citizens United is Changing the Country

In this video blog post, Bob Monks discusses the difference between human and corporate behavior. "America is a country for flesh and blood human beings with comparable life spans, comparable emotional systems, comparable needs and aspirations in contrast to the energy of a corporation which is, necessarily, limited to… March 10, 2010 | Citizens United , Corporate Power , corporate speech , self-regulation
Monday, December 14, 2009

Power Corrupts

Bob Monks discusses the failure of corporations to self-regulate and how that contributed to the economic collapse. December 14, 2009 | Corporate Power , bailout , Financial Reform , financial crisis , self-regulation
Tuesday, January 1, 2008


How the CEOs and the Business Roundtable Hijacked the World's Greatest Wealth Machine -- And How to Get it Back.  Download the entire book below. See video interview about the book.    Become a fan on Facebook! January 1, 2008 | accountability , Corporate Power , corporation law , corporate speech , capitalism , self-regulation , ownership , judicial activism
Tuesday, January 1, 1991

Power & Accountability

Corporations determine far more than any other institution the air we breathe, the quality of the water we drink, even where we live.  Yet they are not accountable to anyone.  January 1, 1991 | accountability , Corporate Power , corporate governance , shareholder activism , self-regulation , responsible ownership
Wednesday, January 27, 1988

Fiduciary Language

An essay debating self-regulation of the institutional fund industry.  "Control over the private sector of the economy simply is too important to be delegated to institutional trustees as part of their commercial responsibility."   January 27, 1988 | fiduciary duty , institutional investors , self-regulation , accountability
Friday, November 20, 1987

Letter to William Greider regarding the Federal Reserve

Bob Monks letter to William Greider following regarding an article about the Federal Reserve in the New Yorker in 1987.  About this letter, Bob says, "This was the beginning of a fine relationship with Bill Grieder who continues to write trenchantly on these issues.  It is interesting that I… November 20, 1987 | self-regulation , fiduciary duty
Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are corporations the best model -- or just the best we have?

In a recent article, Seven ways to fix the system's flaws, Martin Wolf wrote, "The corporation is the best institution we know of for running large, complex and dynamic businesses."  I agree it is the best option we have so far.  That doesn't mean, however that we shouldn't make… January 26, 2012 | capitalism , capitalism , self-regulation
Monday, April 18, 2011

Goldman's Tin Ear?

Apparently, the questions raised with Goldman Sachs in the Hearings a year ago before the Financial Crisis Investigations Committee and Senator Levin's sub committee will persist. Was Goldman "tin eared", a little less than candid or did they deliberately misrepresent facts? Both Levin's committee and the newly published Money… April 18, 2011 | accountability , Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission , financial crisis , fiduciary duty , self-regulation , Corporate Power
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