Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Two new videos: ownership & CEO power

Some new video today and I really hope you'll send me your thoughts.  I've talked about these topics before -- and maybe you have, too -- but I think we need some real discussion on these issues.  How can we affect change on these persistent problems?

First is a video on the breakdown of ownership.  Many of us interested in governance issues spend a lot of time talking about ownership but there are real factors that inhibit responsible involvement.  From my view, ownership is broken.

Second is the now pervasive issue of ceo power.  Without a balance of power between management, owners, corporate boards and regulators democratic capitalism fails to work.

And for some historical perspective, I offer a couple of things from the archives:

Capitalism without Ownership will Fail, written in 2002 with Allen Sykes.

Do Today's Powerful Institutional Investors Belong in the Boardroom?  Written in 1990 when I was president of ISS.

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