Friday, September 2, 2011

Three new speeches

September is here and I'm off to a running start.  I'll be speaking at three big conferences in the next couple of weeks: GMI's Public Funds Forum in California, ICGN in Paris and PRI in Person in Paris.  I'll be joined by some fascinating and influential people at these events -- Arianna Huffington and Arnold Swarzenegger at the GMI event and Steven Davis, Ann Simpson and many more in Paris.  I hope to see you there but in case I don't I've posted my speeches for you.  I hope they provoke discussion and I look forward to your thoughts.

Opening Remarks at GMI's Public Funds Forum, September 6.

L'Appel - ICGN, Paris.  September 12-14.

Can Stewardship Help Prevent the Next Crisis?  PRI, September 15.

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