Public Appearances


May 29-30 Restoring the Voice of the People: Citizens Responses to Citizens United. Ann Arbor, Michigan



November 20: "Fiduciary Requirements for Universities & Charities."  L.L. Bean/Lee Surace Colloquium Series, University of Southern Maine, Portland.

October 18: "Reviving Fiduciary Duty." RFK Center for Human Rights & Justice, Columbia University. (via telecom)

June 11: Webinar for Sustainable Finacial Markets.

June 3: Official publication date for Citizens DisUnited: Passive Investing, Drone CEOs and the Corporate Capture of the American Dream.

May 28: Private conference on responsible endowments, Boston, MA.

May 14: GMI Ratings, (private conference) New York.

May 3: Rules Change Conference, Amherst, MA (via Skype).

April 24: Public Sector Pension Conference, Victoria, BC, Canada.

January 14: Corporate Governance Class, Harvard, Cambridge, MA.


October 23: IBGC Annual Conference, Sao Paolo, Brazil.  Keynote speech, "Emerging Markets, ESG Research, and the Promise of Integrated Reporting."

April 25: Governance & Ethics Symposium, University of Maine Law School, Portland, Maine. "The Crisis of Trust in Public and Private Sector Institutions."


Nov 30: AMEC Annual Seminar, Brazil.  Robert Monks, speaker (via video)

Nov 16:  CCC Alliance meeting, New York. 

Oct 6:  Sarasin & Partners Responsible Investment Conference, London. Robert Monks, Keynote Speaker (via video connection).

Sept 16: 4th bi-annual Centre for European Company Law Conference, The Netherlands.  "Responsible Shareholdership."  Robert Monks, speaker (via video).

Sept 15: Principles for Responsible Investment, Paris.  Robert Monks, speaker: " Can Stewardship Help Prevent the Next Financial Crisis?"

Sept 12-14: International Corporate Governance Network (ICGN) Annual Conference, Paris, France.  Robert Monks, Keynote Speaker.

Sept 6-8: The Future of Corporate Reform: Governance Metrics International's 2011 Public Funds Forum, Half Moon Bay, CA.  Robert Monks, Opening Remarks.

Aug 3: Headline with Howard Green on BNN, 1 pm (ET - United States).

July 27: Trust Across America radio program, 12 noon (ET-United States).

June 22: Canadian Responsible Investment Conference (via video connection).  Robert Monks, Keynote Speaker.

May 19: Interview on Big Talk public affairs program, WMPG-FM, 7:30 p.m. (ET-United States). Listen at 90.0 and 104.1 FM & online

April 27: Governance & Ethics Symposium, U. Maine Law School, Portland, Maine. Panel Discussion.

Feb 24: Coudert Institute, Palm Beach, Fl.  "Financial Crisis, Problems of Enforcement."  Robert Monks, Speaker.

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